About swipedb

Have you ever looked at your debit card statement and said "I don't remember that charge. Who is this merchant listed as University Blvd?" ...it can be hard to know what each of those charges on your card are really yours or are fraudulent charges at a merchant you never visited.

For everyone:

Swipe DB is a database of information about swipes of payment cards (things like debit or credit cards). It's edited by a community of people, just like you, who couldn't figure out what a charge was, searched for it, and ended up here. If you have more information about a retailer, please log in and edit the page. If the information is accurate or inaccurate, you can vote (thumbs up/down) to let us know. If you want to rate a merchant as making you happy, mad or being a fraudster, please do! Alone our voices are limited. As a group, our effort and feedback becomes useful.

For people working in financial services:

Our goal is to provide an API of all of this data. It's licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike so you can use it as long as you cite that it came from this site.